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title: Science 1 Genius is here!!
date: Saturday, 16 July 2011

spot the genius in action! ;D

posted by β.ffl.Щ
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date: Monday, 11 July 2011
hello there

it's been a while

yes it is my fault for not being updated here.

i know that for a fact.
we've all drifted apart.
it's not a bad thing really.

to be honest,
i think it's how everyone just moves on with life.
when things lead you to a certain present, you are at that present, and if it just so happens that this class of ours don't overlap with your present life, then it's gonna be really hard for there to be some sort of life with the class don'tcha think so?

so yeah.
all i'm saying is that
i don't want us to be resisting the inevitable struggle of time.
instead of emphasising that this blog is dead, which is basically stating the obvious. why don't we just look to the future

do we see a future where our class will still meet?
i do.
it's just that i don't know when will that future be.
maybe while we're still struggling in our own courses.
or maybe when we're working,
or maybe when we all grow up, get married and have kids.

that day will come eventually.
all i'm saying is.
there is not need to declare our "connection" dead.
i think it's more suitable to mention it being on a temporary freezing period.

either way.
the emphasis is that
if you guys can meet up, then by all means, please do.
if you can't, no stress.

everyone has hectic schedules, hectic courses.
and our timings never match anymore compared to last time when we all finished school at 1pm.

so, good luck in all that you guys do.
just do your best
and we're still gonna be the class that shared memories together.
definitely not the end.

so yeah.
sorry! :)

posted by bunnyboo
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title: greetings!!
date: Thursday, 23 June 2011
just something to resuscitate this blog, i guess :)

it's a video posted on my freind's facebook wall, i find it quite interesting, that's why i thought of sharing it with you all..

anyway, best all ^^

posted by rara
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